Project Description

Seventh Framework Programme, Proposal acronym: SYSTEX, Grant agreement no.: 224386, THEME ICT-2-3-6 Micro/nanosystems

Proposal full title:

Coordination action for enhancing the breakthrough of intelligent textile systems (e-textiles and wearable microsystems)

SYSTEX, an ICT project co-ordination initiative based on 12 partners from 5 European countries to build up a market-driven framework and orientation in the area of e-textiles and wearable micro systems.

SYSTEX aims at collecting technological and non technological information on relevant projects at various levels and classifi es them in a transparent knowledge based information platform, structuring the relevant data of the entire e-textiles value chain according to the requirements of the interacting partners. The analysis of the available and ongoing research activities in e-textiles and wearable micro systems and the respective results will be edited in the framework of an interactive website and thus enhance cross-sectoral synergies and speed up the exchange of project results. Access to this new data pool shall be a true added value for every party involved in intelligent textile systems and off ers a clear competitive advantage. The objective of SYSTEX is to identify the hurdles in the interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and to initiate actions to overcome them.

Systex has a strong market-driven focus and is geared to foster cooperation between the diff erent knowledge carriers: industry, academic, government institutions, research & development and users of the technology.

SYSTEX aims at developing a framework for current and future actions in research, education and technology transfer in the field of e-textiles and wearable micro systems / electronics in Europe to support the textile industry in the most efficient and effective way to transform into a dynamic, innovative, knowledge-driven competitive and sustainable sector.